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What is the ICC?

The ICC is a certificate which is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officials in foreign countries.

The ICC (or to give it its full title International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft) is a certificate which is intended to provide evidence of competence when requested by officials in foreign countries. It is sometimes known as the International Certificate of Competence.

It is issued under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Inland Transport Committee Working Party on Inland Water Transport Resolution 40. It is this resolution which details how and to whom the ICC may be issued, the syllabus requirements, the layout of the certificate and it also lists the countries which have notified the UNECE Secretariat that they have accepted the resolution.

The UK Government has accepted Resolution 40 and has authorised the RYA to issue the ICC on its behalf.

So what does the ICC do?

 When you visit another country, in most circumstances (in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) you can be required to comply with the maritime legislation of the visited country (Coastal State) in addition to that of your vessel’s country of registration (Flag State).

The regulations for pleasure craft can vary considerably from one country to another and the regime for skipper training and licencing can be equally disparate; the ICC helps to overcome the difficulties these differences can cause.  An ICC issued by a contracting government to Resolution 40 indicates that the certificate holder has demonstrated the level of competence required by Resolution 40 for the certificate to be issued.

In other words it is an assurance from one government to another that the certificate holder is sufficiently competent to be driving a pleasure craft, despite not holding the visited country’s national certificate. 

What does the ICC not do?

The validity of the ICC is frequently misunderstood. The ICC is not the boating equivalent of the EU driving licence for road vehicles, which all EU member states are obliged to accept.

The ICC’s validity is in fact determined by the visited country, so it is not a truly international qualification. It is nevertheless a valuable document when boating abroad as the ICC is the only international evidence of competence that exists for pleasure boaters in Europe.

The ICC Assessment

The assessment involves a theory session, and a practical session to assess your competence against the syllabus.  This can be conducted on your own boat, or we can arrange a boat for you.  The assessment typically takes 3-4 hours and can be conducted with more than one person at a time.  Please contact us for pricing, and download the information sheet below.

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